Although exaggerated and humorous, this series will give the first-time

homebuyer an idea of the homebuying process.





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TRUST RESOURCE CENTER of Warmath Realty Group

"[Our recommended professional] removed the cabinets at "The Rock" and we love it. He created a little side open cabinet for us to place a few decorations and he did a super job! He had to fix the ceiling also where the nails were, and the painters have already painted it. The kitchen really looks spacious and beautiful now! Thanks for recommending him.  He has been wonderful and very nice. I plan to use him again."
"Thanks for the referral. Great guy came out and told us that we currently don't need a new roof. Said we have probably 10-12 more years with the one we have and gave us contact information for a guy who can clean it and make it look much better. Yay for us! Now we can move on to the next thing on the home improvement wish list!"
"Bill, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you and your colleague coming by my house this morning. The information and suggestions will be most helpful in my remodeling projects. Again, many thanks for providing this useful services."  Herman T.

We feel every client deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy. The purpose of the Trust Resource Center came from a desire to provide a friendly, reliable and reasonable referral service to our past and current clients, at no charge. Our clients call on us regularly for referrals for anything from painting, to HVAC repairs, lawn care, plumbing, electrical work, home repairs, refinancing, pet sitting and much more. Because of your trust in us, we want to ensure that our partners are also providing that same VIP service that we have become known for providing to you.


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